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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update on Chest and COC

First off, I got my new clutch cable installed today, so I am back on 2 wheels- Who Hoo!  Big thanks to the guys at Jailhouse Choppers for helping me with that.

Got some more work done on Keith's chest today- 1 more sitting and we should be done.  And, as promised, I am posting some pics of his arm.  Some day soon I'll get him to shave that arm and get some real nice pics, but for now...

I did everything except the tribal stuff- that was there before I started working on him.

COC- Corrosion of Conformity- I haven't liked anything these guys did since Technocracy, but I read on the internet that they are doing some shows with the classic 3 piece 'Animosity' line-up.  I really hope they come to GA, so far they haven't got any shows lined up here.  They did 2 GREAT records- Eye for an Eye and Animosity.  I have both on vinyl and have been listening to them for 25+ years.  They followed up Animosity with an EP- Technocracy, which was a good record- I think it could have been great with a different singer, or if Mike had taken the vocal duties as he did on Animosity.  I believe that the CD has demo versions of some of the songs with Mike on vocals.  They also put out a GREAT EP called '6 Songs With Mike Singing', which had some alternate versions of songs from Eye For An Eye and a couple of songs re-recorded from their 'No Core' tape.  I was never a fan of anything they did after these 3 records, but these are totally worth owning.  Eye For An Eye is classic early 80's hardcore- loud, fast, angry, and it still sounds great today (same goes for '6 Songs').  Animosity was one of the early Hardcore /Metal crossover records.  I remember when it came out and all of a sudden all the metal kids were listening to this and DRI's 'Dealing With It'.  If it weren't for these 2 records and a couple of others (Agnostic Front's 'Cause For Alarm' and the Cro-Mags 'Age of Quarrel' for example), Metal kids would still have puffy hair and be wearing spandex.  Technocracy followed in the footsteps of Animosity, but suffered from kinda weak vocals.  After that they turned into what I guess would be considered Southern-Metal, just not really my thing.  I'm not even sure these records are still in print, but I saw them on another blog recently.  Here's a link:

One more thing- if ya wanna hear a good punk show, check out Black and Blue Takeover on East Village Radio (eastvillageradio.com).  The show is on Tuesday Nights from 8-10pm, but they also have the last year or so of the show archived on the site, so you can listen to the old shows any time you want.  Here's the link for the show's page and archives:

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