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Friday, August 6, 2010

Helmets and a Sea-Goat

A couple of months ago, I pinstriped 6 Fulmer V2 Helmets.  They've been sitting in my garage since then- I have 'em listed for sale on my pinstriping site (Stripes and Stuff By Dave).  Today I dropped them off with my friends at Jailhouse Choppers for them to put out for sale.  I dropped them off at noon, and by 4pm they had sold 2 of them- Hell Yeah!  Here's some pics of the ones that sold:

Started a tattoo of a Sea-Goat today.  The customer came in and told me that he wanted a big evil Capricorn tattoo.  Now, since I don't give a crap about astrology, I figured it was just gonna be an evil goat tattoo.  Once I started doing some research for the drawing, I found out that the Capricorn symbol is actually a half goat / half fish creature- that's way cooler than just a goat.  Got the outline of the Sea-Goat done today- took just a little over an hour.

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