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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mountain Ride- Wanda is a bitch.

Decided to ride up to the mountains today with my friends Joey and Jason.  Since my parents live up that way, I figured it would also be an excellent opportunity to deliver their new pinstriped mailbox to them.  So, I  bungee corded the mailbox to my rear fender and off we went.

  Took mostly back roads- up through Braselton, then got on the highway till Helen.  Rode through Helen and took 197 around Lake Burton, then hit 76 and took that into Clayton.  Delivered the mailbox and went out for Mexican food with my parents who now have some homeless guy living in their basement.  My parents think that riding a motorcycle is dangerous.  I think that letting some homeless dude sleep in your basement is more dangerous than riding a motorcycle.  I'm pretty sure that you don't have to worry about being stabbed in the night or having your silverware disappear while on a motorcycle.  Then we headed up 441 into Mountain City and rode up Black Rock Mountain.

From there, we got back on 441 and headed towards home.  I was riding behind Jason (on Wanda), when I saw Wanda's side mounted taillight fall off and start bouncing around in her chain.  I signaled to Jason to pull over, and we turned off into a gas station.  By the time we got into the parking lot of the Quicktrip-Racetrack-Kangaroo (or whatever damn gas/convenience place it was), Wanda's chain had fallen off and her taillight was back in the intersection.

We needed to get the bike raised up, so Jason pushed it up next to a parking block, and on the count of 3 we lifted her up and onto the concrete block.  The concrete block worked out real well as an improvised jack.  

With some cursing, beating, sweating, wrenching, and a little blood, Wanda's chain was back on.  We were ready to go, but Wanda was still pissed off, so she decided to start in with her electrical problems.  After some more cursing and wrenching on Jason's part, we were finally ready to set out again.  We ended up taking back roads all the way back just in case Wanda felt like getting pissy again.  Thankfully, the rest of the ride was pleasantly uneventful.  We ended up riding 275 miles, and had good time even with Wanda being a bitch.

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