"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!" -Benjamin Franklin

Friday, November 12, 2010

You have the right to GET THE FUCK OUT!

Saw this news story this morning.  This certainly isn't the first time that I have heard something like this before, but it pisses me off EVERY TIME.  A 13 year old boy in California was told by the school principal that he couldn't fly the American flag from the back of his bicycle while on school grounds.  WHAT THE FUCK!  Here's a clip from the news:

I'm gonna say it again- WHAT THE FUCK!  Has this country gone so PC-hippie-ass-liberal that we can no longer fly the American flag without someone complaining?  In the news story they stated that the reason was because of 'racial tensions'.  Racial tensions?  You're telling me that people can move here from a foreign country and complain about the fact that they don't like seeing the American flag because it offends them, and somebody will actually listen and sympathize with them?  FUCK YOU!  I wouldn't move to France and start telling people that the french flag offends me (well, I wouldn't move to France anyway).  THIS IS AMERICA.  There is NEVER a time- not a day, not an hour, not one single minute- when it is in any way wrong to fly the American flag.  I fly a flag from my front porch 365 days a year, and if someone were to ever tell me that they were offended by my flag, I would tell them to get the fuck off my property.  If they didn't leave, I would show them that I not only support the 1st amendment, I also support the 2nd amendment.  If you are living in America and you are offended by the American flag, you have the right to get the fuck out!  Go back to where ever you came here from- we don't want you here.  If you were born here and you are so fuckin'  PC that you feel that the American flag shouldn't be flown because it might offend someone that moved here, then you need to move to some country full of overly sensitive pussies.  Hell, pull a Johnny Depp and move to France.  We don't want you here either.  And, Mr. Depp moving to France until, as he said, "America is a kinder, gentler country" sure as hell is no great loss to this country.

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