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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wedding Portraits and my Dumb Tattoos

Here's a shot of a tattoo I started yesterday.  This is the customers parents wedding photo.  The Photo was cropped, so I added the roses and vines around the portraits to frame it.  You can't really make up the top of someone's head, so it needed some kind of border.  The roses will be done in color.   She didn't want to sit for the coloring, and I really can't blame her- after 5 and a half hours I woulda been done too.

Also, I got tattooed again the other day, and of course it's a stupid tattoo.  Pretty much all I get any more are dumb tattoos that make me laugh.  All those stupid TV shows have lead people to believe that tattoos have to have some deep meaning- Fuck That!  The majority of my tattoos have no meaning or significance- I liked the design or the idea made me laugh.  Stop being so damn serious all the time- you'll have more fun that way.  The new one is a tattoo of a slice of house special- it was done by Guillermo.  I'm also posting pics of my slice of bacon, done by my friend Jason, and the chip on my shoulder done by Jamie.

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