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Monday, November 1, 2010

Sand Bastard

Working on the tins for the 'Sand Bastard' Bike.  Spent a good while today working on the gas tank and the fender.  I did the oil tank on Friday.  Still got a good amount of work to do on this.  I need to do some striping on the tank.  I will also be doing a border stripe on the tank, similar to what I have started on the fender.  The fender still needs a second color- think I'm gonna go with Crimson.  I'll post more pics as I get more done with this project.  I also hope to get some nice pics after the pieces have been cleared, and of course, of the finished bike.

Here's a tattoo that I started on Saturday.  The customer wanted 9 specific flowers, and they all had to fit under a short sleeve, so there wasn't enough room to do much with it aside from getting them all in there.

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