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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spider Skull Helmet and a Little Bitching

Finished up the Spider Skull Helmet last night.  This is another of the Daytona German Style Novelty Helmets.  Of course, it's for sale.  Gimme $150 and it could be sitting on your noggin.

Now, here's a couple of things that really bug me.  They both have to do with stupid things that stupid kids say.  Maybe I'm just getting older and doing the 'these damn kids' thing, but I don't think so.  The first is the misuse of the word 'random'.  I hear kids in my shop say things like 'Jimmy just got a tattoo of a cross- that's so random'  and 'You have a tattoo that says Good Clean Fun? That's so random'.  Listen you dopey little fuck, those are not random occurrences.  'Jimmy' came into the shop and picked out the cross he wanted and had it applied to his body.  There was nothing random about it.  He didn't spin a fuckin' wheel and have it land on 'stupid cross tattoo'.  My Good Clean Fun tattoo is not random- I own Good Clean Fun, I put thought into getting that tattoo- I didn't pick it out of a fish bowl full of tattoo ideas.
Here's the other one- MINUTE.  I've been hearing people abuse the word minute for a couple of years now.  They say things like 'I haven't seen you for a minute' when in reality its been 3 months.  I would  accept 'I haven't seen you for a while'- that makes sense.  But, minute?  It's been way more than a minute.  They also say things like 'that's a big tattoo- it musta taken a minute'.  Actually, it took about 6 and a half hours- that's 390 minutes you dopey bastard.
I know these things shouldn't bother me as much as they do, BUT THEY DO!  So stop saying minute when you're talking about a time period that's obviously longer than a minute.  And, you need to realize that very little in life is actually random.  Is your life a total fuckin' crap shoot, where you have no idea what's happening?
Fuckin' Kids.

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  1. So, I love the spider skull and wondered if you would you consider doing it as a tattoo, or have you already? It's kind of ironic that I would ask considering how afraid of spiders I am, but no one could deny what a cool arachnid he/she/it is!