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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flash and Tattoos

Really gotta get back to doing this more regularly.  Shit piles up and then I have to post a bunch of photos and don't get the time to rant and rave properly.
Started a new skate deck this morning- should be pretty cool, but I can't post pics of it because it's for someone that might read my shitty blog, and it's supposed to be a surprise.  So, you'll have to wait till next month to see it (like ya even fuckin' care).
Been about 2 years since I did a sheet of flash- pretty damn slack.  Got started on a sheet a few days ago.  This is my first attempt at using the Dr. Martins Concentrated Watercolors- still think I prefer my good old tubed watercolors, but we'll see how it turns out.

Here's some recent tattooing:
Started this last week- I actually drew it for the guy about a year ago- he finally came in to get it started (now let's see if he actually finishes it).

Worked on the giant koi some more last week.  Been 6 months since she was in the last time, hopefully she'll be back soon and we can get this thing finished up some day.

Finished up the big eagle...and started it again?  The guy that got this is room mates with another good customer of ours.  He (the roommate), wanted the same eagle with some changes.  He wanted his zombified.  So his is kinda ripped up and has big splashes of blood in the background.  So, here's pics of Jason's finished eagle and Ryan's started eagle.

Here's something I did on another Atlanta area tattooer.  I would have liked to do the snake in color, but he wanted it all black and gray.

Here's a couple of pics of some tattoos that came back so I could get healed pics.  The first is the plane I posted a couple of weeks ago, the second is the parrot from a 5 or 6 weeks ago.

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