"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!" -Benjamin Franklin

Friday, April 15, 2011


Haven't had any good rants lately (at least not on the my blog), so here ya go:

As a business owner, I deal with people trying to sell me shit that I don't need or want on a daily basis.  On the phone, through the mail, over the internet, and in my damn shop.  The internet and the mail are the easy ones- throw it away or hit delete.  On the phone, you can always just hang up on 'em.  I usually say "I'm not interested" and hang up.  Once in a while, I'll lose it and start yelling at them.  On rare occasions, I'll play with 'em a little before hanging up.  Recently I blew an airhorn into the phone at a guy named Fred who just happened to be in India.  I'm pretty sure that Fred the Indian got the message.  Once, I told a guy (who also happened to be from India) that I wasn't interested and hung up, then the dopey bastard called back.  Now that kinda got me a little mad, so I proceeded to tell him that I hoped his entire family got run over by a bus and that he should, in no uncertain terms, never call me again.  The ones that actually come to the shop are the difficult ones.  For some reason they don't quite understand what "I'm not interested" means.  What it really means is "Turn around and walk the fuck out of my shop 'cause I ain't buying whatever the fuck you're selling."  I just had 2 guys from Comcast in here trying to sell me phone and internet service that I don't need- I also had a woman from Comcast in here 2 days ago trying to sell me the same shit.  I told them 3 times that I was not interested- they didn't listen.  I finally said "I've told you three times that I'm not interested, so how about you stop trying to sell me and just leave."  Now why does it have to get to the point where I get pissed off and turn into a dick?  Do these idiots think that when I say I'm not interested that I'm joking?  I couldn't possibly not be interested in their crap, could I?  Maybe they think "Well he hasn't heard the best part yet, and he'll change his mind when he hears this sweet deal".  NO NO NO!  I'm not interested means I'M NOT FUCKING INTERESTED- GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY SHOP AND DO IT BEFORE I HAVE TO BE A DICK TO YOU.

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