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Monday, April 25, 2011

Cylons and Smoking Sharks

Here's some stuff I did recently.  
I'm a big Battlestar Galactica geek, so this one was a lot of fun.  Frakkin' Cylons

I also love goofy, stupid tattoos, so I had a good time doing this as well.  How can ya go wrong with a shark smoking a pipe?

Did this image from 'The Orphanage'.  It's a dark image to begin with and the pics are kinda dark.  Wish I could get a healed pic, but that is unlikely as the customer drove up from Florida to get the tattoo.   Who knows, maybe he'll be back, but for now, this is all I got.

Finally, here's a healed pic of the plane I did on Mike.

And now for the stupid customer comment of the week:
Had a woman looking through my portfolio comment on my portraits.  She said "These portraits are unrealistic." And she said it more than once!  Now, I know that what she meant was "These portraits are unreal" or "It's unreal how realistic these portraits are", but that's not what she said.  It was pretty hard keeping a straight face when she said it.

Yesterday was Easter- I'm not religious, so I really don't care.  My wife and child went to her Mother's for the holiday.  I did not go- let's just say that I don't quite get along with my in-laws.  This left me home alone, so I watched 7 episodes of BSG and had Sushi for dinner.  If ya ask me, that's a pretty fuckin' excellent way to spend easter.  About 11 years ago, I was home alone on Christmas (again didn't really care) and TBS was showing all of the Planet of the Apes movies, calling it Christmas with the Apes- that was a pretty fuckin' cool Christmas.

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