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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Youth Anthems For The New Order

So, for 2011 I've decided to try to put up a post about a great punk record once a week or so.  Most of the stuff I'm gonna post is gonna be old.  Sure, lots of people will know this stuff, but some don't.  I'm not advocating stealing music, and I'm not gonna post links to the records, but if ya search around on some punk blogs, you can probably find most of these record for free.  Personally, I believe that all of these records are so damn good that you really should own them in a form that you can hold in your grubby little hands- preferably vinyl.  The first record I'm gonna post is a classic piece of New York Hardcore- Reagan Youth's 'Youth Anthems for the New Order'.  This record came out in 1984, and it still sounds great today.  It's got that really raw early hardcore production.  The record is cheap as shit- no actual sleeve, it came in a folded up poster- pure punk rock.  Every one of the 7 songs is a classic- New Aryans, Reagan Youth, Degenerated, Go Nowhere.....  The whole thing lasts about 10 or 12 minutes, so listen to it over and over.  The band recorded a second record in 1990, which just doesn't come anywhere close 'Youth Anthems'.  The singer, Dave Insurgent, committed suicide shortly after the body of his hooker girlfriend was found in the trunk of serial killer Joel Rifkin's car.  There is a CD available that contains both records and some bonus tracks, but if ya can get ahold of the vinyl, that's all you need.  Plus vinyl sounds better and has all those cool pops and scratches.  The song 'Degenerated' somehow ended up in the movie 'Airheads' as the song that the band 'The Lone Rangers', played by Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi, and Brendan Fraser, played at the end of the movie.

Be proud that you're a white amerikan
Blond hair, blue eyes - a fine new aryan?
Supremacy's the white man's burden?

A final solution for all new aryans...
Death to the nazis and the ku klux klan!
Anarchy in the fatherland!

Anarchy for all new aryans
No master race is gonna rule my land!

New order?
No order!
Disorder! ...Now!

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