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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Icy Day Tattoo

Here in Georgia, the local departments of whoever-the-fuck-removes-snow are totally unprepared for any kind of a winter storm.  We got 6.5 inches of snow Sunday.  Normally we'll get 1 maybe 2 inches.  So, everything shut down.  While all of the people around here ran out to buy bread, water, and milk, expecting to be snowed in for a few days, I made sure that I had plenty of coffee and cigarettes.  Spent Sunday making a fiberglass seat pan for my motorsikkle.  Worked on doing all the padding for it Monday and Tuesday.  I was actually able to get out of my neighborhood Tuesday.  I went to Quick Trip- for more cigarettes and to pick up some stuff at Home Depot.  What should have taken about 20 minutes was a treacherous hour plus adventure.  By Wednesday, I was going completely stir crazy (and broke from not working), so I made it to the shop and opened up.  Only did 1 tattoo- nobody else even came in, and I closed and got home before everything started to freeze up again.  But at least the tattoo that I did was cool.  Did it on one of my riding buddies- Jason (one of the Jasons).  He brought me a design that he found online on some guy's blog.  Normally when someone brings me a design, I'll redraw it and clean it up (because most of the stuff people find online is fucking atrocious), but this was a real nice traditional tattoo design.  I did make a couple of changes- the girl was holding a Navy style shield, which we took out (Jason's never been in the Navy), and put another leaf in it's place.  When I did the tattoo, I also added some Whore-Green eyeshadow, which all traditional girls need.  Shit, this things got a Naked Girl, American Flags, and a Motorcycle Wheel- what more could ya ask for?

After doing the tattoo, I was quite interested in finding out whose design it was- I always like to give the artist credit, plus I really liked the design.  A little searching on Google led me to the blog where Jason had found it.  From there, I was able to find out that the design was done by a Calico1225.  A little more searching and I tracked down Calico1225 on DeviantArt, and got the name Nick the Tailor.  From there, I managed to track him down to MySpace, and his real name is Nick Solomon.  So, here's a link to his MySpace page: Nick Solomon

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  1. Nice work, and good looking out for the original artist. Hope you get out and about more soon!