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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Screams From The Gutter

Screams From The Gutter.   Screams.  From. The. Gutter!  SCREAMS FROM THE GUTTER!!!  This record came out in 1984- I've been listening to this for 25 years.  One of my favorite records.  The greatest Italian hardcore band ever- Raw Power.  Raw motherfucking Power.  Did I mention that I really like this band and this record?  Raw Power put out a lot of great records over the years, but they never topped this one.  The 7" that followed this, "Wop Hour", was actually pretty damn close to "Screams From The Gutter".  The singer, Mauro, sings in english, but ya can't understand what the fuck he's saying most of the time anyway.  When he starts screaming it sounds like he's in physical pain- fucking brilliant!  Check out songs like 'Raw Power', 'Politicians', and 'Don't Let Me See It' for some throat ripping vocals.  Besides the afore mentioned "Wop Hour", some other great records from this Italian Hardcore band are "After Your Brain", "Mine To Kill", "Still Screaming After 20 Years" and "Resuscitate", which just came out earlier this year.  As a huge fan of the band, I like all their records, but If you're just checking them out for the first time, I would have to say to stay away from "Too Tough To Burn" and "Fight", both records that fell kinda short.  Through various line-up changes and the loss of Guiseppe (RIP)- the original guitarist and brother of Mauro, Raw Power has managed to stay alive and blast out great Pizza-Core, since 1981.  Raw Power Will Never Die!

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  1. Best tunes from Screams from the Gutter: Joe's the Best, No Card, My Boss, Nihilist, Police,Police!