"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!" -Benjamin Franklin

Friday, January 14, 2011

If I Were President...Part 1

If I were president, the first thing I would do would be to abolish the IRS and enact the FairTax.  I'm not gonna spend a lot of time talking about the FairTax because there is already enough information available to anyone who is interested.  The best place to start would be Neal Boortz and John Linder's "The FairTax Book".  The FairTax replaces ALL income, corporate, payroll, etc. taxes with a 23% national sales tax.  You get to keep ALL of the money you make and are only taxed on what you spend.  This is absolutely the best thing that could happen to the American economy.  The FairTax would raise more revenue for America than the current tax system while allowing Americans to keep and save more of their money.  The one thing that I don't believe is properly addressed in the book is the amount of money that would be collected from people making money through illegal activities.  They do talk about this some, and also mention the fact that this would be a way to collect money from people that are currently not paying taxes, like Illegal Aliens- no, they're not Undocumented Immigrants or any of the other PC terms that hippy-ass liberals think we should use- they're ILLEGAL FUCKING ALIENS!  But I don't think that the people behind the FairTax realize just how much money is made (and spent) by drug dealers and other criminals.  These are people that live lavish lifestyles while not paying any taxes- they're not gonna stop spending just because they now have to pay their fair share- they're gonna keep buying cars and houses and gold teeth.  Because of the money made by people illegally, I believe that the FairTax could also replace state income taxes and state sales taxes while still staying at the 23% rate.  Five of the 23% could go to the states with the remaining 18% going to the Federal Government, thus getting rid of income taxes on both the state and federal level.  For more information on the FairTax, you can go to FairTax.org or do a search for FairTax videos- Neal Boortz has a number of very informative videos online about the FairTax.  I would also make sure that the FairTax was in place and implemented within a year of my taking office.  Every one of these dopey bastards that we elect comes up with 5 year plans.  You were elected to a 4 year term, what the fuck are you doing with a 5 year plan?  How about you come up with a plan that you can actually get done in your time in office?  There's no guarantee that you'll be elected to a second term.  These morons don't care about Me or You or America- all they care about is getting elected and staying in office.  It's all about power to them.  How about making it about doing something to help the American people?


  1. Dave

    I hope you don't mind me sayig this, but you are a dumb ass. I suppose you want to look smart with that pipe.

    Here is a clue -- go read the Fairtax fine print. Yeah, the fine print.

    Go read it.

    See the part about the massive new tax on city and state governments. Go on, go read it.

    Learn what a pile of crap Fairtax is. But even more, learn how stupid you are to believe such crap without checking on it.

    Really stupid. Yes, Fairtax seemed great, if you didn't look at their fine print.

    But Dave, only stupid people don't look at the fine print.

    People like you


  2. That's cool, you don't have to agree with me. But you also don't have to call me stupid and a dumb ass. I'm smoking the pipe in the picture because I smoke a pipe. I certainly don't believe that a pipe would make anyone look smarter. I have actually read a good bit about the FairTax, and believe that it is the best thing for America. I plan on continuing my "If I Were President" blog entries, and you'll probably disagree with me some more. Maybe you should read more about the FairTax than what is written on blogs. Try the FairTax book and it's follow up "FairTax: Answering the critics", you might be surprised by what you read.

  3. The tax on City and State Governments that Seeker is talking about is the same tax that you or I would have to pay- The FairTax. Government agencies would be subject to the same 23% sales tax on their purchases that American citizens are subject to. That sounds more than fair to me. Why should the Government be exempt from the tax that they expect their citizens to pay?

  4. I happen to think a pipe makes you look very intelligent.

  5. Dave, look up the word "denial" in the dictionary, see if you face isn't there

    Fairtax mentions this massive tax on city and state goverments ONE sentence. Ten years go by and they don't mention this TRILLION dollar tax, at all. They make it seem like only people pay taxes.

    Then they say it in ONE SENTENCE, city and state governments will have to pay -- over a trillion dollars in revenue, to the federal government.

    What is even more insane, their own spokesman admit, they have no plans of even telling city and state officials about this massive tax!!

    So it's not in any of their books for ten years, it's not in their videos, not in their speeches, nothing. Then in ONE sentence they mention this massive new tax.

    And they admit there is "no plans" to tell city and state's about it.

    Naturally, stupid people, or people so pathetically egotistical that they can't admit a mistake, will claim this is no big deal.

    Like you.

    Now, they may have some explanation why they didn't mention this massive trillion dollar tax, except in ONE sentence, ten years after they bring out the plan.

    THey may even be able to get California government to pay 20 billion in taxes to the federal government. They may be able to get every city government and every state government to pay massive revenue to the federal governement, despite not mentioning a word about it for ten years, then only saying it in ONE sentence.

    But you are too stupid to even WONDER what that explanation could possibly be. You are so gullible to any bullshit that falls on your head, that you just go "duh" and walk on.

    Let's just say intellectual honesty isn't your strong point.