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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fuck You People, Carla's New Outfit & Starbucks

Did this tattoo Saturday.  As usual, I got shitty pics, but I'll post it again when I get healed pics.  I love tattoos like this.

Carla is getting a new outfit this winter.  In case you didn't know, Carla is my 09 VStar 950.  She's getting new fenders, bags and a fairing.  Got started on this project on Sunday.  My buddy Jason helped immeasurably.  We got the fairing mounted- it's a Tsukayu fairing that was supposed to mount easily using Memphis Shades quick release windshield brackets.  Well, it wasn't fuckin' easy!  I guess it would have been easy if I had liked where it sat on the bike using the included mounts, but I didn't.  So, we had to modify the mounts, which negated the 'quick release' function.  In fact, it is now anything but quick release- in order to remove the fairing, the headlight bucket now has to be removed, which is a project all by itself due to the amount of wiring that's mounted inside the bucket.  We also got the front fender modified and mounted.  The fenders are from a VStar 1100- I wanted longer fenders.  The rear fender is not mounted yet, it's just sitting on the bike in the position I want it.  Yesterday I drilled the bags for the lights.  I want a cleaned up rear end, so I am going with a run-turn-brake set up mounted in the bags.  The bags are also from Tsukayu, but I don't foresee the any issues with the mounting for them (we'll see what happens).  The stock seat is not going to fit with the new rear fender, so I'm planning on making a fiberglass seat pan and doing the padding myself- I'll have someone that knows what they're doing cover it for me.  I'll probably have it done by Tim from Outlaw Custom Seats.  My friend Joey will be doing the paint for me, and then I'll be doing some pinstriping and maybe some gold leafing.  Here's a few pics of how she's sitting right now.

Now, Starbucks.  I HATE STARBUCKS!  Not in the it's hip to hate Starbucks because everyone loves Starbucks way, or in the Hippy-Ass it's cool to hate giant corporations way.  I just hate their shitty coffee.  They're blend sucks.  Sure, if you go there and get some kinda double fuckachino, pumpkin latte bullshit with sprinkles and whipped cream it might be OK, but that's not coffee.  That's not even a beverage at that point- it's fuckin' dessert.  I want coffee- Black.  Fucking.  Coffee.  And I think that their blend of coffee sucks if ya just want coffee.  I like good coffee, I like espresso- a double espresso with a shot of sambuca is nice after dinner.  At home, I like to grind my own beans for a nice fresh cup 'o' joe.  I've even been known to order coffee beans online from Jamaica- MMMMMM, Blue Mountain Coffee.  But, you can keep your shitty Starbucks.  The coffee at Quick Trip is way better than that bitter ass Starbucks shit.  Dunkin Donuts- now that's a cup of coffee!  So, I'll stick with coffee from QT or Dunkin Donuts and you people can have your overpriced, over-sweet, coffee-dessert thing.

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