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Monday, September 20, 2010

Pig Koi

A couple of years ago,  I was trying to do 100 5x7 watercolor paintings.  Well, I think I managed to get about 40 or so done before I stopped for no apparent reason.  In the paintings, I decided to do 10 weird pig animals- I was gonna call those '10 (weird) Little Piggies'.  I ended up with 6 (maybe some day I'll do 4 more).  I've wanted to do tattoos of the pig creatures ever since I painted them.  Today I got to do one.  A Pig Koi also known as the Poi or the Swine-Fish.  It's funny because it's a goofy painting/tattoo of a Koi with a Pig's head and a pig leg instead of a fin, but it's also funny because I did the tattoo on one of the many cops that I tattoo.  Ignore the little tribal fish that he got when he was 16.

And, here's the original painting:

If anyone is interested in a tattoo of a pig-animal, I will do any of the at 20% off my regular hourly rate.  That's $100 per hour instead of $125.  Here's the others:

They are (in order):  A Piggle, a Bat-Pig, a Hog-O-Dile, a Piger, and a Snig.

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