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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Geisha and Bottles

Started this tattoo of the bottles today.  This is to commemorate 1 year sober for this customer.  He wanted a bottle of Jagermeister and a bottle of Budweiser being killed- those were his poisons of choice when he was drinking.  His wife actually got it done for him as a surprise.  He had talked to her about wanting the tattoo, and told her what he wanted.  He knew he wanted the bottle of Bud in a noose, but didn't know how he wanted it to be tied into the Jager bottle.  I suggested having the noose hanging from a knife through the Jager bottle.  Personally I think they're both pretty fuckin' nasty.  Jager is like nasty cough syrup and Bud is just piss thin beer.  I'll stick with my Absinthe, Dirty Martini's, and Guinness.  Got the outline and shading done- It's on his ribs and is a decent size, so that's all he wanted to sit for today (I don't blame him).

Also finished Jauton's Geisha tattoo today.  All that was left was some light gray shading in the background.  I'll repost with nice healed pics of this in a couple of weeks.

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