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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Recent Pinstriping

Don't have much to bitch about today- well, I always have stuff to bitch about, just nothing I can focus on today.  So, here's some recent pinstriping I've done:

Painted the door at Jailhouse Choppers.  They're in Snellville, Ga- the shop is owned by my friend Pauly.  This turned into a much bigger project than I had expected, but for my first attempt at reverse painting on a glass door, I was pretty happy with it:

Here's a skate deck that I did- this one is pinstriped and has some variegated gold leaf.  It's for sale- it would look real nice on your wall- $200

And a sign for my friend Rich- owner of Action Tattoo in Auburn, Wa.  1-shot and gold leaf.

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