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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion

Now, from the office of shameless self promotion....
I mentioned in my very first post that I have all kinds of cool stuff for sale, so for your viewing (and possibly purchasing) pleasure, here are some samples.  And, of course I have included links to the sellers.

First off, here's some of the cool shirts that are available through my Spreadshirt store.  There are 38 designs, this is just a small sample.  They can be purchased here:

I also have a ton of cool products in my Zazzle shop, including Prints, Coffee Mugs, Skate Decks, Mouse Pads and some awesome Sneakers.  Click here to visit my Zazzle shop: 
***Zazzle has a content rating system.  If you go to the site as a guest (unregistered), you will only be able to view "G" rated items.  In order to see all of the really cool stuff I have for sale, you will have to create a Zazzle account and change your content rating to "R"***

Here's a few goodies for you to look at:

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