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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Here we go again....

Best Ink episode 4, here we go....
As usual the Flash Challenge is retarded.  At least this time they were working with actual art supplies, and some of them actually drew some nice designs.  I loved the look on my 'friend' Jessica's face when the guy told her that her shitty tribal look 'Evel Knievel-ish'- EXCELLENT- I am at the point where I really enjoy seeing her get crushed (remember, I'm a dick).  At least this came closest so far to them actually drawing flash.  What they really did was design a custom tattoo for a specific client- that's not really flash.  Flash is not drawn for 1 particular person- it's meant to be sold over and over to many people for many years.
On to the tattooing...
They had to design tattoos for people that have never been tattooed before, that all want tattoos for their best friends.  Of course, they all had to tell their stories about why they want to honor their best friends.  A little side note- I'm sick and tired of hearing why people want their tattoos and what they represent- this is a relatively new phenomenon- since the days of tattoo TV shows.  I stop people in my shop all the time and tell them, "Do you see cameras here?  I don't need to know your life story."  I'm not trying to be a dick, but there's no reason for me to know the meaning behind your tattoo- I just have to design you a nice tattoo based on what you tell me you want.  The fact that you want it because when you were in the 4th grade, your pet puppy was killed by a meteor isn't gonna help me with the drawing, unless you want a tattoo of a meteor smashing a puppy (which would actually be a pretty sweet tattoo).  Whoo hoo, then they throw the switcharoo at 'em and tell them that they have to tattoo 2 people instead of 1.  Not too much to say about the actual tattooing- nobody flipped out.  Nicky had to deal with a customer that moved around a whole lot, but didn't handle it like a tattooer.  By handle it like a tattooer, I mean yell at her and tell her to sit the hell still.  The first time someone moves on me I'll tell them that they need to sit still.  The second time, I say something like "You REALLY need to sit still or you're gonna have a fucked up tattoo".  The third time I yell, and then they usually take it seriously.
Then we move on to the judging.  For some reason, before the judging even starts, you get a shot of Joe sitting on his throne looking pissed (I'm really glad they gave Joe a throne).  The guest judge- some actress- shows a tattoo on her wrist that is absolute shit.  Why would she show that thing, and why would they show it on TV?  Of course Jessica has a little breakdown before they vote for the bottom 3- can't have an episode without some kind of Jessica breakdown.  I liked the tattoos that Alexis did the best, and she ended up winning this time, so I guess the judges felt the same way.  Jessica gets voted in the bottom, and then gets hammered by the others in the bottom.  Some of whom shouldn't have been in the bottom 3 (or in this case 4), but the voting by the contestants is no longer about the tattoos, but about the personality clashes.  They basically tell her that she's a giant pain in the ass and they wish she was gone.  Jessica ends up going home, and the others are thrilled- the 'Ha Ha' look on Alexis' face was pretty good, but I'm a little upset about them sending home my favorite person to pick on.  What am I gonna do now?  I'll have to find someone else to talk shit about.  Maybe it'll be Nicky- he definitely doesn't seem like a tattooer to me- a little too wimpy, girly, emo.

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