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Monday, April 23, 2012

Helmet and Stupid Tattoo Day

Here's another helmet I just did.  

This one and the others were dropped of with my friend Joey this morning.  Joey is gonna clear 'em for me and then, hopefully, I'll get to start working on the striping on them Wednesday.  Here's a shot of all 3 headed to Joey's.

Saturday, for the shop's 15th anniversary, we did nothing but stupid (read awesome) tattoos.  We had a great time and put a lot of stupidly awesome tattoos on people.  We got kinda backed up because we had not foreseen people wanting multiple stupid tattoos.  Very few people got just 1.  We heard things like, "I want the broccoli, the fart cloud, the pizza and the party shark".  There were a bunch of designs that nobody got, and some of them were super cool, like the Manson-Butterfly, the Quadruple Amputee Gymnast, the Nick Cage Skin Rip, Mark David Chapman, the Tiger Prawn- the list goes on and on....These designs will remain available throughout the year (at the regular prices).  Here's some pictures from Saturday.  There were also free donuts in the morning and free pizza in the evening.  We stayed till 1am to get everyone tattooed.



The Pizza tattoo was done as both 'Takin' Care of Pizza' and 'Pizza Care of Business'.  I'm pretty sure that 'I Love To Stab' was the most done tattoo of the day.  My buddy Joey topped everyone by getting Nick to do 6 small tattoos all clustered above his knee- it pretty much looks like a small sheet of flash on Joey's leg- Hilarious.

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