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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Abby, Tattoos, Dumbass of the Day

Got Abby's motor back where she belongs.  Shiny new rocker boxes and about another 25 horsepower.  Also got a sweet air cleaner and matching ignition cover from Bench*Mark (http://benchmark.bigcartel.com/).  It would be real cool if they made a matching derby cover as well (hint, hint Bench*Mark people).

Here's a couple of tattoos from last week.  Finished Chuck's Pirate Ship:

Did this Resident Evil tattoo.  I tried to talk this guy into a different image- pretty much the same thing but from a later game in the series.  The one I wanted to do was better drawn (?), etc.  But, he wanted to go with the one from the first game- at least he let me add some cool detail to it.

Now, on to the dumbass customer of the day.  This may actually not be the worst I deal with today seeing as we have only been open for an hour and a half so far, but we'll see...
This dopey girl walks in and says "I need your help with something".  So, I say OK, figuring that she has a question about a tattoo.  Nope.  She sticks her hand out and says "Can you get this piece of glass out of my finger?"  I reply, "NO", and she looks at me as if I have done something wrong and asks why not?  I proceed to inform her that that is not my job and that if she wants a tattoo, I will be happy to help her with that, and she gets all huffy and leaves.  What the fuck?  I'm pretty sure that I didn't do anything wrong in this situation, does my sign say 'Tattoos and Glass Removal'?  What the hell is wrong with people?

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