"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!" -Benjamin Franklin

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The housing thing and who REALLY got fucked.

I'm pretty tired of hearing people cry about not being able to pay their mortgages and the 'illegal' foreclosures.  Oh, the evil banks!  Lemme tell ya something...
The foreclosures are not illegal- you don't pay your mortgage, you lose your house.  That's just the way it goes.  You shouldn't have taken out a loan for a house you knew you couldn't afford.  When the bank shows up and tells you that they're taking back what is essentially their property due to your non-payment, there's nothing fucking illegal about it.  In fact, they're following the laws and rules put forth in the damn mortgage agreement that you signed.  Remember, the one that said that you would make the monthly payments in a timely manner?  Now, who really got fucked?  People like me, that's who.  People who made sure to pay their mortgages on time, people that work for a living and pay their bills like they're supposed to.
So now people are screaming about the evil banks and how they took their homes.  Actually, it was the Federal Government that pushed banks to lessen their lending requirements because they wanted more Americans to become home owners.  The banks did what the government told them to do and ended up with a bunch of bad loans.
The people that can't pay (or defaulted) on their mortgages now want assistance from the government.  Fuck them!  You wanna know who should get help?  The people that did things the right way, the people who now own homes that are worth less than what they owe because the rest of you fucked up.  My house is now worth about half of what I still owe on it, but I still have to pay $1063.52 a month to keep it while others can now buy a similar home for about $300 a month (and probably won't pay their bills on time).  I know, you're probably gonna say that I could refinance, but I really don't wanna get into another 30 year loan.  I've looked into it, I would save about $150 a month, but would be adding 10 years to the period of my loan (my payments would go up if I went with a 15 year loan).
I for one am pretty fuckin' sick and tired of the bullshit.  Everyone's yelling about 'fairness'.  I'll tell ya what would be fair- for the government to help the people that have been doing the right thing and tell the rest of 'em to go get fucked.  Instead of forcing the banks to lend to more people that won't pay their loans or helping the people that didn't pay their loans, how about telling them to reward the people that have been paying?  Tell 'em to lower interest rates across the board for everyone that has a good history of loan re-payment.  But, that's not how it works in America.  In America, the people that try to do things the right way are penalized and demonized while the moochers and leeches are rewarded.  I'm sure there will be more bailouts and handouts, but they won't be going to the honest, working citizens, and for every program, every bit of government assistance, someone has to pay the taxes.  That someone is me and you.  Most people don't realize, don't understand, or just plain don't care about the fact that the government HAS NO MONEY.  The government DOES NOT PRODUCE.  All of the money the government requires has to be seized from working citizens.  How is it that in America people that spend their lives trying to do things the right way always seem to end up getting fucked while those that don't seem to get rewarded?

Now that I got that out, here's a couple of tattoos that I did the other day.  The first is just another freehand skull on John the cop.  The second is the CD cover of some band I don't know (and probably wouldn't like)

A few months ago, I did some striping for a guy's bike, well, he finally got the tank in and I got started on that.  I just did the striping on the top of the tank, still gotta do some lettering on the sides...

One last thing....I finally got some damn pants yesterday.


  1. Nice man. On both comments. Tattoos, and political.

  2. I'm from Sweden, and in my ears all that you are saying is common sense. There are leechers and moochers here to, but the Swedish government and the welfare system is constructed a bit different from yours.
    I can see a negative spiral starting to spin here in Sweden where the social agencies and insurance institutions distrusts people primarily, and believe in them secondary. That contributes to a wild chase on the minority who cheat, but it just ends up punishing the majority who do not.

    As a founder of Tattoo Art Project I first started to read your blog in that perspective, but you have so much good things to say in different subjects. So it's all good :-)

    Keep it up, I'm with you!

  3. Nice to hear you picked up some new pants! It would have been tough to stomach all these people with foreclosures having nicer pants than you.