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Friday, March 18, 2011

Buncha Crap

Ok, so it's been about 2 weeks since I've done the Bloggity-Fuck-Blog thing.  I was real good for a while there, posting every couple of days.  Hopefully I'll get back to it.  Been kinda busy lately- it was Tax Season, which is pretty much our busiest season of the year.  People get their tax refunds and think that they just got some extra money, so they get tattooed.  I'm certainly not complaining about people spending their money at my shop, but IT'S NOT EXTRA FUCKIN' MONEY!  It's money that the government TOOK from you and is now returning a very small portion of.  It was your money to begin with- you earned it.
Drove up to North Carolina to see MOTORHEAD.  Great show, coulda done without the opening bands- never been a Clutch fan- thought they were boring, and Valiant Thor was a goofy joke band that I also coulda done without.  Motorhead doesn't really need any opening bands- It's Motor-FUCKING-Head!  Played some new stuff and pulled out some great old stuff- Overkill, I Got Mine, Metropolis, The Chase Is Better Than The Catch.  If ya haven't seen the Lemmy documentary that came out recently, then go buy it. It's called 'Lemmy: 49% Motherfucker 51% Son Of A Bitch', and it's fucking great.

Jamie was in town for a visit, which is always a fun time.  I got tattooed, which is NEVER fun.  I knew I wanted to get something while Jamie was here, but didn't know what.  When he arrived, he showed me his new Motorhead tattoo, and since I've been listening to them since about '83 and still didn't have a sweet Motorhead tattoo, I asked him to draw me one.  This is what he came up with:

Received a message the other day that both of the skate decks I sent off to the show in Missouri sold.  That's kinda cool, but whenever I finish painting something I secretly hope that no one wants to buy it- I always wanna keep 'em for myself.  Guess I'm just a greedy bastard.  Here's pics of the decks:

Carla is pretty much done.  I'm just waiting for my seat which I should be getting today.  Goddamn, I really wanna ride!  Here's some pics of her all put back together (minus a seat), and the striping I did on her.  Once I have the seat, I'll take some nice pics out in the sun, but for now, ya get crappy garage pics.

And, here's a little filler tattoo I did the other night- I love stupid silly tattoos.


  1. Good times...the bike looks great!!! I love my new tattoo, although I'm sore as all fucking get out. Sorry if it was a pain in the ass! I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of Luke and I now that we're both working. :)