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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yesterday's Tattoos

 The guy that got the St Michael tattoo on his chest wanted a bunch of lettering on the other side, so we did that yesterday.  I brought some of the clouds across to tie them together.  I'll get a good healed pic of this later- I know he'll be back.

Also had some folks that I tattoo from South Carolina come down for some more stuff.  She got an anchor with a saying that means something to her and her sister wrapped around it.  She said that it was from 'The Fox and The Hound', but I didn't recognize it- that's NOT one of the Disney movies that my child made me watch 300+ times when she was younger.  She also said that she wanted it to be 'girly'.  A girly anchor?  I suggested adding Boobs, but we just used some pinks and other brighter colors and put a little heart in it.  Her Husband wanted a traditional style Monkey Fucking a Football.  How can ya go wrong with that?  So here's their tattoos:

Going to meet my friend Joey in a little while to hopefully get Carla's paint finished up.  Another week or 2 and she should be back on the road.  Here's some pics he sent me last week:

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