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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dumb-ass customer of the day

Well, so far at least- there's 6 hours to go, so ya never know...

I'm in the middle of eating my lunch.  Big fake titty blond comes in the shop looking for lettering going down her side (yeah, that's original).  She has it printed on a sheet of paper but it's small and pixely.  She shows it to me and asks how much it will cost.  I tell her that I don't know, because I have to get it to the right size first and then I can give her a price.  She says,"well, can you do that?"
I tell her,"Sure, as soon as I finish my lunch"
She says,"there's something else I want too, but it's on google and you'll need to print it out, do I have to wait for that too?"
"As soon as I finish my lunch, I can help you with both of them."
Now, she's obviously irritated that she can't have what she wants RIGHT NOW.  But I don't give a fuck.  I get a lunch break just like everyone else.  So, she sits down and waits.  A few minutes later I finish my sandwich and ask her what site she found the lettering on.  She says it's on fontspace.com.  So, I get on line to look it up.  I ask her if she knows the name of the font and she tells me, No, but if I scroll down to 'handwritten' on the left side and click that, it's the 4th of 5th font on the page.   Well, there's no 'handwritten' on the side.  I tell her that and she shows me that on her phone, there is.  
I say,"pages aren't always the same on the computer as they are on your phone"
She says,"Never mind, it's all good" and starts to gather up her crap and walk out.
I ask, "What are you getting all pissed off about?"
On her way out the door, she says "You're a fuckin asshole", and leaves.
Now, I had every intention of searching around on the site to find the stupid font she wanted for her stupid tattoo.  Apparently, trying to help people makes you an asshole.  I guess I just wasn't getting it done fast enough for her liking.
I hope she gets a really shitty, fucked up tattoo that she has to live with for the rest of her life.

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