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Monday, March 5, 2012

Helmet, Tank, and Bitchin'

So, Saturday I'm minding my own business, sitting in my room tattooing, and I hear what sounds like someone bouncing a ball in my shop.  I was tattooing a girl whose mother was in Nick's room getting tattooed, so the Dad was walking back and forth between the two rooms watching what was being done.  The bouncing ball noise starts and stops a few times.  The next time the girl's father comes into my room, I ask him if someone is in the shop bouncing a ball, and he says 'Yes'.  The next time I hear the bounce-bounce-bounce sound, I set my machine down, take off my gloves, come out of my room and get in this kid's face, and yell, "Enough with the fucking ball!  You wanna play ball, got to your fuckin' house or the damn schoolyard, but this is my damn shop, show some fuckin' respect!"  I go back to tattooing, and Mr. Bouncey Ball and his 2 buddies leave the shop- I think I mighta' scared 'em a little bit.  Good!  Fuck 'em!  What makes some idiot think that it would be OK to walk through someones place of business bouncing a fuckin' ball?  Just another example of some spoiled ass kid whose parents never told him 'NO' or taught him how to properly conduct himself when out in public.
Anyway, here's a helmet I did since the last time I blogged.  It's a Large Daytona DOT helmet, and it is for sale- $175 plus shipping.  The helmet is gloss black and I did some sweet gold leaf on it along with some pinstriping.  I kept this one kinda simple as I was going for a very classic look.

This morning I finished painting a tank for a guy for the 2nd time.  I painted it a few months back, then he realized that the tank needed to be sealed, poured in the sealer and it ate through his paint.  So, he had to have the tank repainted, then I had to redo the striping and lettering.  He wanted me to change the lettering this time (I like the original lettering better, but it's not going on my bike...).  Here's a new pic, and the original one again.  I actually like the striping better this time (I hope he does too).

Here's a pic of a tattoo I did about 3 years ago.  The guy was in the shop the other night, so I snapped a healed pic.  This was done from a SMALL picture of his grandfather.  That reddish glow is from the neon in the shop- if he had been here during the day, I would have snapped a couple of pics out in the natural light, but since I haven't seen him since I did the tattoo I figured it might be my only chance to get a healed photo.

Been worked up over the PC Army of Doom lately.  Not really gonna go into a big rant, I just feel that all this PC bullshit has sucked all the funny out of the world.  I personally, would rather laugh than be offended, but it seems that a lot of people would rather be offended (and actively look for things to be offended by).


Three hours or so later, I remember something else that I wanted to blog about today.  The new Corrosion of Conformity record.  Quite a while ago, I wrote about them and said that they hadn't done anything good since Technocracy, well...
I really like the new record.  They recorded it as a 3 piece- the Animosity line up, and it's pretty cool.  I was never a fan of the Southern Metal direction they took after Technocracy.  This record, while definitely very metal, has more of a punk feel.  The lyrics seem angrier and more punk rock to me- I heard in an interview that while Pepper was in the band he handled most of the lyric writing.  Standout songs for me are Your Tomorrow, The Moneychangers, What You Become, and Leeches (a track that sounds like it could have come out around 1985).  These 4 songs are probably the most Punk in both sound and lyrical content.  I hope they do more records like this even if Pepper rejoins them on future efforts.  I pre-ordered the vinyl having high expectations for the record- it was my favorite version of COC recording together again.  It came with a bonus 7" and a T-shirt with the COC skull on it and a poster of the record cover.  Now for my biggest complaint- the record cover.  It's fucking atrocious!  What a way to ruin one of the coolest punk rock logos ever.  Here's a pic of the new cover, and a pic of the original sweet ass design (drawn by Erroll Engelbrecht), you make your own decision...

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