"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!" -Benjamin Franklin

Monday, January 23, 2012

Art, Tattoos and Politics

So, I keep watching the debates and listening to lots of talk radio, and here's where I am with all of it.  I hate Romney.  I mean I fucking hate Romney.  He just looks like a douche.  He's definitely full of shit (most politicians are), but he's the kinda full of shit that'll smile and buy you a beer and then fuck your lady. I'm not even gonna talk about Santorum (or how much HE sucks), because he hasn't got a chance.  I do actually like the OTHER GUY that hasn't got a chance- Ron Paul.  I'm a Libertarian, he's a Libertarian- I would love to see a viable Libertarian candidate some day, but ol' Ron Paul isn't it.  He's a little nutty, and I'm just waiting to hear him start talking about having conversations with aliens (no, not Mexicans, I mean UFO type aliens).  I'm also pretty sure that he uses the same tailor as David Byrne.  So, Newt is the guy I'm rooting for to win the nomination.  I don't give a crap about the cancer wife or the accusations of wanting an 'open' marriage.  All I care about is who can run the country (hopefully better than Obama), and who can beat Obama.  The media needs to concentrate on these things rather than on the indiscretions of the candidates.  They managed to run Herman Cain out of the race with this kind of crap, and now they're looking to do it to Gingrich.  The mainstream media is, without question, working to get Omaba re-elected, so they will do whatever they can to tear down the Republican candidates.  Doesn't anyone remember Bill Clinton's long list of accusations of sexual misconduct?  The media and the Democrats still love Clinton, but god forbid a Republican tries to get a little on the side.  My biggest problem with the candidates is the goddamn social conservatism.  As a Libertarian I really want a candidate that is Fiscally Conservative and Socially Liberal.  In fact, I would normally just vote for whoever the Libertarians choose as their candidate, but as a patriotic American, I feel that it is my duty to cast a vote for whoever is in the position to beat Obama, and if that ends up being Romney, I will hold my nose and vote for Romney.  I really hope it ends up being Newt, because in my opinion, he stinks less than Mitt.

On to something else...
Made some art last week.  This is for the 'Black Eyes and Broken Hearts' show at 'Twenty-Two', and I gotta get it in the mail tomorrow so that it gets there in time.  As with all the art that I do, I have a love/hate relationship with it.  As is typical of artists, I am my own worst critic and usually end up hating or only kinda liking the stuff I do.  I was totally happy with this piece right up until the end (and I'm probably just being picky).  My problem was that after I applied the gold leaf, it needed to be outlined.  I couldn't outline it in watercolor, because I needed something opaque to clean up the edges of the leaf.  I wanted to use gouache, but couldn't find my damn gouache, so I went with a liquid acrylic.  Of course the liquid acrylic did not work well on the metal of the leaf (the gouache probably wouldn't have been any better), so my outlines that I wanted to be nice and straight and even, did not end up being either straight or even.  And, the more I tried to clean the up, the worse they got.  I finally just decided to leave it alone, and call it finished.  I'm happier with the finished product than I am with most of the stuff I do, I'm just not totally happy.  So, here's a pic of the finished piece, and a work in progress pic I took before I laid the leaf.  This is called 'The Winner', because you don't wanna see the loser.

Here's some pics of some recent tattooing.  A 'Play Now Pay Later' piece that was fun because it was skulls.  Ya wanna make me happy, just ask me to tattoo skulls.  A Squid Mermaid that I outlined, and a healed portrait.

(we're gonna make the dolphin go away)

My brother was in town last week, and we took him to Fogo De Chao (because it's the bestest place on earth).  Been a number of years since I've seen him.  Here's a pic of brother John with Gracie.

I'm expecting to get Abby's motor back some time this week- she looks kind empty without it.  I have gotten some other parts for her in, and am still hoping to have her on the road by the end of April, but I'm not sure if that's gonna happen.


  1. i had no idea you were a libertarian!! that is awesome!! dont overlook ron paul. the media is just "trying" to make him look nutty. he is not nutty at all. in fact, in over forty years of him being in government do you know he has not changed his view on ANYTHING!! how many politicians can say that! NONE! nice artwork also by the way!

    1. Not sure how ya coulda missed the Libertarian thing (I say it often enough). It says it in pretty large type right at the top of the blog. I'm not discounting Ron Paul, but there is NO WAY the republicans are going to pick him as their candidate. I'm glad that a Libertarian has made it this far in the political process- hopefully it'll open the door for more Libertarian candidates in the future, but RP will not be our next president. Hopefully he WILL NOT run as a 3rd party candidate- if he does, he'll end up taking enough votes from the Republican candidate to ensure that Obama is re-elected. THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in this election is to get rid of Obama.

  2. AGREED!! I missed it because i dont see your page that often. love it!!!!