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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wormwood & 1-Shot

Got home from work tonight and decided to start on a pinstriping job I picked up a couple of days ago, so I made myself a glass of absinthe.  Decided on the 'Walton Waters' from Delaware Phoenix in NY.  This is one that's grown on me quite a bit.  I've discussed absinthe in the past here, and have made it clear that my favorite European absinthe I've found is pretty much anything made by Jade.  Delaware Phoenix's Walton Waters is a really tasty absinthe with a nice combination of Wormwood and Anise, and not much of that floral flavor that I really don't care for.  Absinthe and pinstriping seem to go well together- as long as I don't have to pull any long straight lines.  Here's a few pics of what I got done tonight.

Still gotta pull some lines of red down the length of the fender from where the red lines end at the front of the fender, but remember, I was drinking, so I held off on that part.  Gotta pull lines of both red and white down the length of the rear fender also.

Oil Tank

Side Cover

I'm still waiting for him to drop the gas tank off to me, which is gonna have a combination of lettering and striping.  He wants it to say 'Harley Fuckin' Davidson'.  Yeah, I know...

For any pinheads out there who are interested, This was all done with a Kafka #1 Scroll brush, which is what I do the majority of my striping with.  If I have to pull long, straight lines, I pretty much always go for my trusty Mack 00 series 10 brush.

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