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Friday, June 1, 2012

Here's the Damn Blog...Now Stop Bothering Me.

So, I've been getting messages from people asking where the new blog is and what I'm gonna do now that Best Ink is over.  Well, I was writing this blog before Best Ink, and I'll continue to write it.  In fact, there are 136 blog entries that have absolutely nothing to do with Best Ink.  I've just been doing other stuff lately.  Don't worry, I'll have plenty to bitch about- I always do.  It's something I do well, and often.  There are lots of things that I rant about that I don't care to publish on the internet.  I know that TLC has started airing their 'Tattoo School' show.  I've been told that it is an embarrassing abortion of a show, but haven't watched it and probably won't- remember, the only reason that I even watched Best Ink was that Joe was on it.  I'm pretty sure that I couldn't watch Tattoo School without having my head explode or at least firing off a few rounds into my TV (and I like my TV, so I don't wanna do that).  Basically Tattoo School is a 10 episode advertisement for shitbag Bill Pogue and his shitbag tattoo school- personally I hope his tattoo school burns to the ground with him in it- I hope he dies slowly and painfully.  If by some chance that does happen, I am stating right now that it wasn't me- hoping and doing are 2 entirely different things.

Last time I blogged, I was working on beer labels for my buddy Joey.  Well, I finished the second one and Joey's beer thing went really well.  It looks like the place that held the event is going to make his home brews their house brews- way to go Joey!  Here's a pic of the finished Hoppy McBitterton label:

And here's a few pics from the event:

My awesome kid graduated from elementary school last week- there was a big ceremony.  Back when I finished elementary school there was no hooplah.  I'm pretty sure they just thought "Thank god we never have to see that group of rotten little bastards again".  Here's a pic of her getting her pass to middle school.

Until drama camp starts next week, she has been spending the days at the shop with me.  She's been working- making stencils, copying ID's, filing forms and answering the phone.  She's an awesome front person.  She is also becoming quite an artist, and does a lot of digital stuff- she's been teaching herself to work with photoshop- pretty impressive for an 11 year old.  Last week, she drew a sweet Octo-Bear, which we then stencilled on her arm.

Got tattooed by Nick the other day.  Got a tattoo for the Templars- the band, not the 'Order of...'  Always been a fan.  They're just a great punk rock band.  But I've become a real big fan over the last year or so.  I was first introduced to the Templars by Jamie, and since Jamie died (just a little over a year ago), listening to the Templars always makes me think of him.  So, the tattoo is for a great band and for my lost brother.

Got some pictures of some recent tattooing.  Here's healed pics of some stuff I posted before- the owl and cameos tattoos.

A Thor's Hammer tattoo...

A big reaper- wish I'd have got a better picture.  He said he would email me a healed pic.

Kim's space coverup.  Ya cant see the tribal anymore...

Did this bamboo on a kid.  He wanted it to look like sumi- simple but fun.

One day at the shop, we were kinda slow and Nick made the mistake of saying "I really want a traditional moth coming out of a skin rip behind my ear".  Within an hour, he had this:

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  1. I have spent many years trying to get my tattoo certification. This show is most certainly a slap to my face and all I have worked for.