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Monday, June 13, 2011

Tattoos and Absinthe

Here's a few things I did last week, including a couple from Jamie's Benefit.

Got a little more work done on this project.

Ordered some new Absinthe.  I had been getting my absinthe from overseas, but since the dollar has dropped so much, the price has jumped way up on the absinthe I had been ordering.  I got myself a couple of bottles of American absinthe.  The first I had tried before- Walton Waters, a nice absinthe from NY.  The second is from Washington, and is called Pacifique Absinthe.  I was pleasantly surprised by this one as it is very similar in flavor to the Jade L'esprit D'Edouard that I had been ordering from overseas.  It does have about 7% less alcohol than the Jade, coming in at a mere 68% or 136 proof.  This is a real nice, very traditional Absinthe that I would recommend highly.

***Just got home and checked- I was wrong, the Walton Waters is 68%, the Pacifique is 62%.  Of course when you get up into the 120+ proof range, it really doesn't make all that much difference.

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  1. Ribs = owie

    the RIP Jamie piece is awesome and saddens at the same time